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What is Ramen?

Ramen is a typical japanese dish that consists of noodles and broth. The broth, based on chicken or pork is cooked for about 6 hours and contains additional ingredients such as onions, leeks, garlic, ginger, shiitake, kombu (kelp).

Mazesoba - is 'dry' Ramen with just a little bit of soup and some oil. Everything is mixed up before eating and extra toppings like vegetables, egg, etc. can be added.

Tantan-men - noodles and sauce contain 18 different ingredients, such as "rayu" (chili oil made of child peppers, onions, garlic) shrimp oil, miso, minced pork/chicken, etc.

Tsukemen - literally “dip noodles”. Noodles and broth are served in separate bowls. A few strands of noodles are picked at a time and dipped into the thick rich broth, made of selected top quality ingredients such as dried bonito flakes, Hidaka konbu from Hokkaido (edible kelp) and niboshi (small dried fish). The noodles are served warm or cold, depending on season and customers’ preferences.


Gyoza - are fried dumplings, filled with vegetables and ground pork, wrapped in a thin piece of rolled dough. They are dipped in a soy sauce based sauce.



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